Saturday, October 11, 2014

American Girl **** Wish Upon a star**** Fairy .............................FIRST PEEK!

Our talented and creative fashion design student is busily working on her next assignment.
Since it’s due so close to Halloween, she decided to make this outfit have a dual purpose:
A Halloween costume as well as a “Feel Beautiful Each Time She Wears it” Outfit!

Once again I will give you a little history … Thanks to her beloved grandparents, she grew up hearing
all genres and eras of music.  For some unknown reason, a Cole Porter lyric - “A Trip to the Moon on Gossamer Wings” -
kept floating around in her brain.  That song became her muse!
The generous faculty of the school has made this challenging project even more special:  The student who receives the highest grade will have a donation sent in his or her honor to an extremely wonderful children’s charity.  Since she loves kids so much, that was all the inspiration she required to happily complete her labor of love.

(She dedicates this outfit to her grandparents, who instilled within her body and soul a love for ALL music!)

Soft and full of chiffon and silk all the way down to the sparkling fairy shoes,this all inclusive outfit is quite spectacular. The fairy dress was hand tailored just for her with a soft pink chiffon choker that matches the hand sewn straps on the dress. A small pink chiffon butterfly sits atop her soft pink chiffon wired fairy wings. The bracelet is made of glitter fabric ribbon  that has elastic in it to slide gracefully over her wrist. It too, holds a chiffon butterfly that matches the one on her wing and star fairy wand. 

What you don't see are the sparkles and stars and shimmer that this outfit holds.Much prettier in person!  A soft elastic chiffon headband gives her a very angelic look. Hand sewn on flowers in soft pink and turquoise accent it to bring out the colors in this beautiful fairy costume. The dress attaches together with velcro and is all one piece so it fits easily on the front of her body without messing up her hair ( don't you just hate that!). 

The shoes are light and sparkling and custom fitted to an American girl or 18" doll. Small pink chiffon butterflies sit on top of the straps. No velcro needed, it is all hand sewn elastic for a most perfect fit. The ankle straps are made of chiffon and sparkling silk, hand sewn to give her ankles that garden fairy appearance. 

Included in this outfit are silver star earrings that fit the american girl posts ( not included). If your doll has regular pierced ears, let me know and we will change out the earrings to fit. A pink sparkling ring with a bright rhinestone fits her finger perfectly. The mask is also hand fitted to her face with silver elastic to hold it on. Two green leaves accent the sides of the mask.  

Your little girl will also get matching earrings and an adjustable silver bracelet with a rhinestone heart charm. Now she can match her doll when she takes her to parties. A miniature shoe box comes with this to hold the shoes and the jewelry to keep it safe. It is decorated with sparkling flowers that go with her dress. A hair bow in sparkling silk with a  chiffon butterfly is included in case your doll wants to braid her hair as our model is wearing. And just in case a strong wind comes, pink satin underwear with hand sewn on flowers come with this. You don't have to go out an buy anything else to complete this ( except the doll which is not included). It is all ready to give to your little girl. 

The complete outfit includes
Fairy Dress
fairy shoes
Fairy wand with wrist strap
Pink glittery mask
Satin underwear
Butterfly bracelet
rhinestone doll ring
pierced silver star doll earrings
Matching little girl star earrings
Girls rhinestone star charm bracelet that adjusts up to 7"
Shoe box
Butterfly hair tie
Pink chiffon doll choker
And a special surprise for your doll's owner that she will adore. 

(I wish I could get the photos to show the actual vibrancy of everything.)

She Is  available to the public  in our Etsy store TODAY .

Here is the link where you can see her ..

 ( Remember this TRULY is a one and done!)

 Feel FREE to comment and let her know if you think she should win the competition ....She would love to hear from you.....Each comment will be considered a vote so please don't hesitate to get each outfit to the top of the judges list. 

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