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Saturday, October 11, 2014

American Girl **** Wish Upon a star**** Fairy .............................FIRST PEEK!

Our talented and creative fashion design student is busily working on her next assignment.
Since it’s due so close to Halloween, she decided to make this outfit have a dual purpose:
A Halloween costume as well as a “Feel Beautiful Each Time She Wears it” Outfit!

Once again I will give you a little history … Thanks to her beloved grandparents, she grew up hearing
all genres and eras of music.  For some unknown reason, a Cole Porter lyric - “A Trip to the Moon on Gossamer Wings” -
kept floating around in her brain.  That song became her muse!
The generous faculty of the school has made this challenging project even more special:  The student who receives the highest grade will have a donation sent in his or her honor to an extremely wonderful children’s charity.  Since she loves kids so much, that was all the inspiration she required to happily complete her labor of love.

(She dedicates this outfit to her grandparents, who instilled within her body and soul a love for ALL music!)

Soft and full of chiffon and silk all the way down to the sparkling fairy shoes,this all inclusive outfit is quite spectacular. The fairy dress was hand tailored just for her with a soft pink chiffon choker that matches the hand sewn straps on the dress. A small pink chiffon butterfly sits atop her soft pink chiffon wired fairy wings. The bracelet is made of glitter fabric ribbon  that has elastic in it to slide gracefully over her wrist. It too, holds a chiffon butterfly that matches the one on her wing and star fairy wand. 

What you don't see are the sparkles and stars and shimmer that this outfit holds.Much prettier in person!  A soft elastic chiffon headband gives her a very angelic look. Hand sewn on flowers in soft pink and turquoise accent it to bring out the colors in this beautiful fairy costume. The dress attaches together with velcro and is all one piece so it fits easily on the front of her body without messing up her hair ( don't you just hate that!). 

The shoes are light and sparkling and custom fitted to an American girl or 18" doll. Small pink chiffon butterflies sit on top of the straps. No velcro needed, it is all hand sewn elastic for a most perfect fit. The ankle straps are made of chiffon and sparkling silk, hand sewn to give her ankles that garden fairy appearance. 

Included in this outfit are silver star earrings that fit the american girl posts ( not included). If your doll has regular pierced ears, let me know and we will change out the earrings to fit. A pink sparkling ring with a bright rhinestone fits her finger perfectly. The mask is also hand fitted to her face with silver elastic to hold it on. Two green leaves accent the sides of the mask.  

Your little girl will also get matching earrings and an adjustable silver bracelet with a rhinestone heart charm. Now she can match her doll when she takes her to parties. A miniature shoe box comes with this to hold the shoes and the jewelry to keep it safe. It is decorated with sparkling flowers that go with her dress. A hair bow in sparkling silk with a  chiffon butterfly is included in case your doll wants to braid her hair as our model is wearing. And just in case a strong wind comes, pink satin underwear with hand sewn on flowers come with this. You don't have to go out an buy anything else to complete this ( except the doll which is not included). It is all ready to give to your little girl. 

The complete outfit includes
Fairy Dress
fairy shoes
Fairy wand with wrist strap
Pink glittery mask
Satin underwear
Butterfly bracelet
rhinestone doll ring
pierced silver star doll earrings
Matching little girl star earrings
Girls rhinestone star charm bracelet that adjusts up to 7"
Shoe box
Butterfly hair tie
Pink chiffon doll choker
And a special surprise for your doll's owner that she will adore. 

(I wish I could get the photos to show the actual vibrancy of everything.)

She Is  available to the public  in our Etsy store TODAY .

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 ( Remember this TRULY is a one and done!)

 Feel FREE to comment and let her know if you think she should win the competition ....She would love to hear from you.....Each comment will be considered a vote so please don't hesitate to get each outfit to the top of the judges list. 

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

American Girl Clothes By VintageSparkles

The ONE gift every little girl who has an American Girl or 18" doll will Want!                       

I’m going to venture outside of my "Comfort Zone,” and it’s my sister’s fault!

When I was a little girl, my big sister used to talk me into doing things that usually got me in trouble, but I always trusted her anyway. Since you’re already visiting my site, you probably know that I love the unusual, the different, the vintage, the antique and the one-of-a-kinds! (Okay, we’re back to my sister now.)  She has three daughters whom I adore and who have become enamored with a certain 18 inch doll called the American girl

Each week you will be able to preview the outfit prior to posting it up for sale.BUT ONLY FOR ONE DAY. Then is it up to whoever can push the key that sends it to their home.

All of the clothes will be completely accessorized, down to the shoes and jewelry. An all inclusive gift that just keeps on giving because it gives the doll options as to how she wants to wear her outfit. 

Therefore, I now introduce you to my ONE AND DONE” line of 18” doll clothes!  I love to sew, I love vintage clothes, I love the unique, one-of-a-kind, flea market, antique store treasures … and due to my big sister’s persistence and my nieces’ reactions to their “The Only One In The World,” gifts, I hereby present my “One and Done’s” to the public.

(Please remember, when you see it on my Etsy site, buy it if you love it because it will NEVER be offered  for sale here again!)

For my first “One and Done,” allow me to introduce to you … TA-DAH …  “Sassy Sista’ Steampunk!”

Always the “fashionista,” she has finally found the perfect outlet for her creativity.  Now that she’s been accepted into THE most prestigious New York fashion and design
school, her first homework assignment is positively awesome! ( as you can see she is full of ideas!) 

Not only does she have to design and sew her original idea, she has to model it at a faculty luncheon. Yes, she had stiff competition in her totally talented fellow students,
but her detail-oriented sewing skills cannot be overlooked!  Although she believed she would be nervous and terrified when “judgement day” came, after she looked at herself
in the complete ensemble, she felt surprisingly confident.

She worked harder on “Sassy Sista’ Steampunk” than on anything else she had ever created.  (She spent forty to fifty hours of her so-called “free time,” on this labor of love.)

No matter the outcome of this competition, she will be the winner because she gets to wear her “homework assignment” anytime she wants!

Check her out HERE

Feel free to comment and let her know if you think she should win the competition ....She would love to hear from you.....Each comment will be considered a vote so please don't hesitate to get each outfit to the top of the judges list. 

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Color ! the best way to shop. It is more than just a splash of color!

                                                                   Color me Bohemian

                                                                                                 Color me Bohemian

                                                                Color me Bohemian

                                                                  Color me Bohemian

                                                     Color me Bohemian

Thursday, August 29, 2013

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Vintage Lion Bracelet Cuff Victorian Gothic relief ferocious creature

This 2" wide awesome medieval bracelet has the most ferocious victorian lion head on it. RIch in detail all the way down to the sides which are in victorian relief, this bracelet is well made and beyond stunning. Will fit from 5 to 7" wrist since it has some flexibility. It is in great shape and when you wear this I promise you will get MANY compliments!
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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Diamonds are a girls best friend Especially THESE!

 You all remember Lola our showgirl don't you? I have sold a few pieces from her estate on etsy before. Well this one was a token of gratitude from a high rolling gambler who adored our showgirl from Las Vegas. She lived in New York and traveled back and forth to her NY apt and in the midst met quite a lot of generous and unusual characters. This gentleman was an import exporter who adored her and took her to Monaco to gamble in Monte Carlo.. SHe was such good luck, he had one of the artisans in Monte Carlo make her this genuine diamond ring with the amount of millions she won him. Yes.. I said millions thus giving her this NINE diamond ring ( for nine MILLION) set in 14kt gold and silver. THe diamonds are hidden under small mountains of gold because he said she was a hidden treasure to him. ( diamonds hidden under gold.. see the connection?). Well he was quite the smoozer and she was up for the thoughtful, and a little bit gaudy gift. 

The ring has a large top setting that measures almost as large as quarter ( a tad over 1") and it has tiny silver bead work all around it ( a few are missing). The ring is between an 8 1/2 and a 9 and is completely hand wrought. Many artisans set up shop in Monte carlo because when winners win.. they want to SPEND.... So this custom ring came to being at well over a few thousand dollars which was just a drop in the bucket to what he won. IT is the thought that counts ( and the private plane there and all the fabulous hotel rooms and clothes that help as well).

Not for the insecure or faint of heart!

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Antique Kings throne chair for a child.. HOW cool it that????

This small chair measures only 3" tall and would hold the little royal one in your family. The little seat is 12" x 12". I think it is pretty old and as you can see by the dust, has been stored for years in a spare room. ( tassels are NOT included). The chair is a dark mahogany or walnut color. It is just the best piece for the little person who has EVERYTHING!>

You can see it HERE
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Cars and Words of Wisdom

Never buy a car you can't PUSH

Whiting and Davis Purse trivia

This is a vintage Whiting & Davis gold mesh purse with  Fancy frame and  original tag and mirror . 

The early 1920-30's was a time when women were freeing up their hands and didn't have to wear gloves all the time. The purses would accentuate the beauty of unfettered fingers and hands and wrist, while accommodating all the necessary items so the woman could dance or have mad money.The woman would look extremely stylish. . I guess you could consider this a Necessaire because it could be used to hold the small necessities one needed when going out. 

Whiting and Davis have been in existence since the late 1800's. What is really interesting that Elsa Schiaparelli actually designed purses for the Whiting and Davis. The mesh process was a really intriguing way to make the mesh look like scales. They were first firm to develop patents for the machines to make mesh in their own plants ( per a Brown university study)/. They were the first to make solder filled wire in making metal mesh. These were woven into many different patterns. A finished mesh purse might contain 100,000 links ( each soldered individually). When it was placed in an electric furnace, the solder melted and flowed, At first the purses were joined to their frames. Later the company introduced a spiral wire to join the purse to the frame. This method was called hanging up . A mesh to the edge was another whiting and davis innovation that gave a smooth silhouette and thereby added to artistry of the purse. Purses in the early 20's sterling and 14kt gold and plated metal ( according to 1995 Vintage purses at their best by lynell schwartz) . I think this was possibly pre-world war 11).

The purse has been hardly used. It has the original mirror, tag and stamping into the frame. The silk is peach colored and original with one small corner having a few spots ( see photo) . This purse measures 7 1/2" x 5" and the fancy etched chain measures 10" long. It is heavy and the mesh flows like silk when you move it. What a great piece for a wedding or an elegant evening out!

You can see it HERE
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