Monday, September 3, 2018

Antique victorian sweetheart jewelry and its history

Sweetheart jewelry didn't start during WW11 as most people think.. Victorians were quite the sentimentalists too!

Known for showing their love for people that passed on with mourning jewelry, they also gave love tokens to living ones as well. 

Antique Locket Enamel rose gold locket brooch - sweetheart keepsake

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Antique Ring Sterling Victorian HAND with puffed heart charm 

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Florenza has the most beautiful antique style jewelry

Florenza  gets its name from Florence, the mother of Dan Kasoff, who founded Florenza in 1948. Specializing in 

 gold plated bracelets, brooches, earrings and necklaces
in Victorian revival and renaissance styles, Florenza designed its own pieces as well as manufactured fashion jewelry for others, from Coro to Weiss. The company was also known for its cameos, which were hand-carved into shell, glass, and resin, often in a design that was branded as Wedgwood Mocha.
While flower shapes such as tulips and fuchsias graced many Florenza Demi paures , Kasoff and his designers were also inspired by stars, some referencing the natural world, others taken from history. In particular, Florenza produced a great number of variations on the Maltese cross, whose cabochons, navettes, and other rhinestones shimmered from settings of antiqued silvertone and electroplated 24-karat gold. Two other hallmarks of Florenza were its use of filigree and necklaces that fairly dripped with decorative gold chains.
Some examples are

Vintage Snake Stickpin - Florenza statement Parure - clip on rhinestone earrings... BUY it HERE

Victorian Fob bracelet / vintage Charm Bracelet / Medieval Fob / rhinestone... buy it here 

Fancy Baroque Bracelet Vintage Florenza Victorian genuine cameo bangle... Buy it here

Vintage Cameo Chatelaine brooch - intaglio Athena - Medieval unisex Crown Brooch....   BUY it here

Detachable Cameo necklace - Florenza carved cameo brooch - Edwardian style pendant  


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What is a Trillion stone? Besides being gorgeous there is a history behind it

The term trillion or trilliant is used to describe a gemstone cut that is triangular in shape. Originally, trilliant referred to a diamond cut developed by the Asscher brothers in Amsterdam. The trilliant cut was essentially an adaptation of the brilliant cut for triangular diamonds, with straight sides and usually 43 to 50 facets.
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The most exotic Italian lamps EVER! Capodimonte at is most Mystical and mythical best!

These Exotic Chinese Dragon lamps have  Nude erotic Mastheads made in Capodimonte porcelain . Notice the Koi Fish Brass Feet ! And the mythical erotic winged mermaid.. WOOOHOO!!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

KLJ Couture Jewelry and its history

KJL Brooch / Vintage Unicorn pin / Fantasy collection / Mythological horse / FIGURAL 2 1/2 horse / faux moonstone drops/ rhinestone jewelry

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Kenneth Jay Lane in 1970. “I myself am a fabulous fake,” 
He came to be regarded as the first American jewelry designer to make it not only acceptable but also chic to wear fake jewelry, and in reaching that plateau he transformed himself into a high-society, jet-setting businessman with a lifestyle that was anything but cheap.

Mr. Lane was self-deprecatingly realistic about his designing talent. “My designs are all original,” he told The New York Times in 2014. “Original from someone.”

He was particularly noted for his imaginative and unusual color combinations — amethyst and coral, amber and turquoise, sapphire and topaz. Early in his career he came up with such innovations as embroidered earrings, or earrings of peacock feathers and iridescent beetle bodies. Later, when he was a byword among both the moneyed class and the mass market, some of his customers had his “faux masterpieces,” as he called them, incorporated into the real thing. ( NY TIMES) 

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Antique Austro Hungarian Calling card case and what are they FOR ?

Antique Austro Hungarian Calling card case / GRAND TOUR accessory / rhinestone Jewels / vintage box / ornate etchings

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Calling or visiting cards first employed in 15th century China and later used by the aristocracy of 17th century became popular with England’s nobility and rich in the 1800s. The cards served a number of social purposes, such as a means of introduction, to further acquaintanceship, to express congratulations or condolences and to provide notices of arrival or departure. Card etiquette had strict rules.

Generally, the bearer waited in a carriage, enlisting a servant to deliver the calling card. The bearer folded a corner if delivering the card in person. This first call rarely resulted in a face-to-face meeting as the conveyor generally expected to deliver the item to a servant and leave. Stringent rules prevented awkward situations. Socialites desiring a relationship with a particular person or family dropped off a card and returned home. The receiver replied with their own card in a few days, inviting the initiator back for an in-person visit. If the aspiring socialite received the answering card sealed in an envelope or did not receive a return card, it meant to maintain social distance.

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Monday, August 27, 2018

Think Like a gypsy with antique necklaces and Antique brooches

Antique Gypsy necklace - Vintage Czech Brooch Goddess Bib - Egyptian revival - estate jewelry

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Cleopatra would be drooling over this vintage costume jewelry set. This russian gold plate 1920's bib necklace is something to behold! You can wear the brooch as the center piece or by itself. The necklace measures 15" long around the neck and has an ornate drop of over 3" long in the front. Festoon drops that go all the way around the top of the necklace from an ornate metal chainmaille collar. The large antique czech brooch is stunning. It has over 70 rhinestones. This is a one of a kind statement set that falls into many categories including a medieval princess to a goth queen.. This is a a piece that will draw conversation out of the shyest and bring compliments from all.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Snake and Serpents and golden jewelry delights

Avon, Kenneth J. Lane & Elizabeth Taylor jewelry

Har Jewelry

Trifari in all its Glory.. Wonderful Examples of the designer who was so well known for Jelly Bellies

Vintage Ciner Jewelry

Boucher jewelry

Hobe Jewelry.. Masters of art in Jewelry

More than an antique LOCKET... A treasure from your heart

Cameos... Like little works of art

Creatures and figurals you can wear as jewelry

The ART of Jewelry... miniature pieces of art that you can wear

Monday, August 20, 2018

Heidi Daus.. A tribute to real glamour

Heidi Daus necklace 5 strand blue glass rhinestone buckle side pendant

Loaded with heavy glass beads and accented with at least 100 tiny rhinestones this fabulous buckle necklace is something to behold. I believe it has been retired and is no longer available.. You can see it HERE

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Love Vintage Brass filigree!! Flapper jewelry.. Stunning!

Edwardian Tassel Necklace - cobalt blue Glass connector - filigree necklace - vintage flapper assemblage jewelry - statement jewellery
Feel the goddess coming out in and and have nothing to wear ? Well glass and filigree brass and some of the most gorgeous cobalt blue faceted stones make up this outrageously beautiful long tassel drop necklace that will certainly bring you loads of compliments!!

We will keep it our little secret as to where you got it because we want people to be dripping in envy over how fabulous YOU LOOK! This is one stunning necklace that has rich golden color that brings out a fiery BLUE in these beads that are a whopping 1/2 wide ( (each section with filigree end cap is a little over 1" long and 1/2" wide). Not a necklace for the shy, this is long ( 26" long with an additional 5 1/2" for the large double drop) and a true goddess piece! . 

The center piece for this exotic necklace is a glass cabochon with streaks of golden color that run thru it. Notice the filigree work on all these end caps as well as the interesting saucer beads of gilt brass. There are raised relief links and a hidden slide in clasp that complete this exciting find. The finishing touch are the old tassels at the end of fine woven chain. A mixture of old and new brings this necklace to life. The sheer size of these beads and the necklace itself is even more impressive than the photos can possibly convey.

You can see it HERE
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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Vintage Signed Byzantine earrings - Ben Amun necklace - deco style golden tassels - Egyptian demi parure- estate jewelry

Rich european designs were worn at the golden globes and these would have been an exceptional choice for all those glamorous gowns. Byzantine designs with tiny pearl drops hang from all the drops on the necklace and earrings. The colors of rich rose gold layering, mixed with the deep red and pearl just makes this set so exotic. 

The earrings are pierced and they measure 1 1/4" long ( includes the wire) and the necklace measures ip to 16 1/2" long and has the original hang tag of Ben Amun. 

The company—named after the designer's eldest son, Ben, and Egyptian pharaoh, Tutankhamun—is well known for classic art deco-inspired pieces as well as influential seasonal collections. This is one set that you don't want to miss out on. All pieces are signed on the back of the drops as well as the hang tag.

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Fabulous Pink statement necklace - hand beaded bib - pearls and rhinestones - vintage Gothic wedding necklace -Hauntingly Victorian choker

Not for the shy, this one of a kind necklace sparkles in the most dark and mysterious way. Hundreds of hand sewn beads make up this necklace (So much more detailed and exotic in person ) The massive heavy weight bib measures 5" across and the length of the necklace around the neck is from 15- 44" ( it has a ribbon extender). . The bib lays well and is flexible enough to carry the weight evenly and with a beautiful draping effect. One of a kind and dramatic, this will get you LOTS of compliments. 

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Edwardian Collar - Queens Pearl Necklace - Red jeweled pendant - 7 strands - High end HUGE statement necklace - Dramatic chandelier collar

Wearing this huge dripping faux pearls choker collar with this gorgeous RED bead and rhinestone accents will make you look like you stepped right out of the queens chambers. The faux pearl necklace measures up to 15" long so you can wear this a number of ways. The golden 5" drop is the centerpiece for this awesome  fabulous baroque necklace. The pendant is framed in faux pearls and red beads to accent this huge red rhinestone center. The necklace has a hook clasp. These are in great shape and since you can wear these a number of ways, you can get many looks from it. VERY HEAVY and VERY LARGE. Unsigned high end designer.
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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Whiting Davis .. A tribute to beautiful jewelry and accessories

Egyptian revival jewelry at its best
Exotic Whiting and Davis Snake bracelet. VERY Egyptian revival
 The brand's iconic snake is estimated to have made its first appearance in the late 1890s - a delicate bracelet crafted in sterling silver. Throughout the years, Whiting & Davis continued to design the snake motif into their fine and fashion jewelry with earrings, bracelets and necklaces. One of Whiting & Davis' most rare designs is a circa 1910, double-headed snake bracelet that had been hand enameled by the skilled craftsmen at the company. 
Whiting  and Davis LARGE Baroque CUFF Bracelet
  In 1903 when Edward Davis patented new technology to improve the hinged bracelet, using two hinges on each side so a woman could open and close with ease. The bracelet featured seamless hinges and a spring, rather than a clasp which was popular at the time. 
Whiting DAVIS Silver mesh Purse
By 1896, Charles Whiting partnered with Edward Davis and the name Whiting & Davis was born. With the same drive that transformed metal mesh into fashion, Charles Whiting led the brand into the Twentieth Century - handbags introduced anywhere from 1896 to 1935 continue to be highly sought after styles today by collectors . 
Since 1876, this company has made some of the most beautiful and exotic jewelry and accessories. You can own one and see the beauty when you go to my store HERE


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

American Girl Clothes By VintageSparkles

The ONE gift every little girl who has an American Girl or 18" doll will Want!                       

I’m going to venture outside of my "Comfort Zone,” and it’s my sister’s fault!

When I was a little girl, my big sister used to talk me into doing things that usually got me in trouble, but I always trusted her anyway. Since you’re already visiting my site, you probably know that I love the unusual, the different, the vintage, the antique and the one-of-a-kinds! (Okay, we’re back to my sister now.)  She has three daughters whom I adore and who have become enamored with a certain 18 inch doll called the American girl

Each week you will be able to preview the outfit prior to posting it up for sale.BUT ONLY FOR ONE DAY. Then is it up to whoever can push the key that sends it to their home.

All of the clothes will be completely accessorized, down to the shoes and jewelry. An all inclusive gift that just keeps on giving because it gives the doll options as to how she wants to wear her outfit. 

Therefore, I now introduce you to my ONE AND DONE” line of 18” doll clothes!  I love to sew, I love vintage clothes, I love the unique, one-of-a-kind, flea market, antique store treasures … and due to my big sister’s persistence and my nieces’ reactions to their “The Only One In The World,” gifts, I hereby present my “One and Done’s” to the public.

For my first “One and Done,” allow me to introduce to you … TA-DAH …  “Sassy Sista’ Steampunk!”

Always the “fashionista,” she has finally found the perfect outlet for her creativity.  Now that she’s been accepted into THE most prestigious New York fashion and design
school, her first homework assignment is positively awesome! ( as you can see she is full of ideas!) 

Not only does she have to design and sew her original idea, she has to model it at a faculty luncheon. Yes, she had stiff competition in her totally talented fellow students,
but her detail-oriented sewing skills cannot be overlooked!  Although she believed she would be nervous and terrified when “judgement day” came, after she looked at herself
in the complete ensemble, she felt surprisingly confident.

She worked harder on “Sassy Sista’ Steampunk” than on anything else she had ever created.  (She spent forty to fifty hours of her so-called “free time,” on this labor of love.)

No matter the outcome of this competition, she will be the winner because she gets to wear her “homework assignment” anytime she wants!


Friday, September 6, 2013

Color ! the best way to shop. It is more than just a splash of color!

                                                                   Color me Bohemian

                                                                                                 Color me Bohemian

Wear him 
                                                                Color me Bohemian

Chandelier necklace HERE

                                                                  Color me Bohemian

Suffragette Bracelet HERE

                                                     Color me Bohemian