Wednesday, October 1, 2014

American Girl Clothes By VintageSparkles

The ONE gift every little girl who has an American Girl or 18" doll will Want!                       

I’m going to venture outside of my "Comfort Zone,” and it’s my sister’s fault!

When I was a little girl, my big sister used to talk me into doing things that usually got me in trouble, but I always trusted her anyway. Since you’re already visiting my site, you probably know that I love the unusual, the different, the vintage, the antique and the one-of-a-kinds! (Okay, we’re back to my sister now.)  She has three daughters whom I adore and who have become enamored with a certain 18 inch doll called the American girl

Each week you will be able to preview the outfit prior to posting it up for sale.BUT ONLY FOR ONE DAY. Then is it up to whoever can push the key that sends it to their home.

All of the clothes will be completely accessorized, down to the shoes and jewelry. An all inclusive gift that just keeps on giving because it gives the doll options as to how she wants to wear her outfit. 

Therefore, I now introduce you to my ONE AND DONE” line of 18” doll clothes!  I love to sew, I love vintage clothes, I love the unique, one-of-a-kind, flea market, antique store treasures … and due to my big sister’s persistence and my nieces’ reactions to their “The Only One In The World,” gifts, I hereby present my “One and Done’s” to the public.

(Please remember, when you see it on my Etsy site, buy it if you love it because it will NEVER be offered  for sale here again!)

For my first “One and Done,” allow me to introduce to you … TA-DAH …  “Sassy Sista’ Steampunk!”

Always the “fashionista,” she has finally found the perfect outlet for her creativity.  Now that she’s been accepted into THE most prestigious New York fashion and design
school, her first homework assignment is positively awesome! ( as you can see she is full of ideas!) 

Not only does she have to design and sew her original idea, she has to model it at a faculty luncheon. Yes, she had stiff competition in her totally talented fellow students,
but her detail-oriented sewing skills cannot be overlooked!  Although she believed she would be nervous and terrified when “judgement day” came, after she looked at herself
in the complete ensemble, she felt surprisingly confident.

She worked harder on “Sassy Sista’ Steampunk” than on anything else she had ever created.  (She spent forty to fifty hours of her so-called “free time,” on this labor of love.)

No matter the outcome of this competition, she will be the winner because she gets to wear her “homework assignment” anytime she wants!

Check her out HERE

Feel free to comment and let her know if you think she should win the competition ....She would love to hear from you.....Each comment will be considered a vote so please don't hesitate to get each outfit to the top of the judges list. 

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  1. I love it! Fantastic and Outgoing line! I can't wait to see this take off like wild fire and every little girl have an out fit for her American Doll from you! These are original and creative.

  2. Wow! I've been to the american girl store with my daughter and I get their catalogs but I've never seen anything like this! Will you ever be making this for grown-ups?
    I know you do layaways on your jewelry but I was wondering if you'll be doing that for
    these clothes. I would love to start saving up for this beauty for Christmas.
    I really love this steampunk outfit! Please et me know about layaway. Thanks

  3. Wow! I've been to the american girl store with my daughter and I get their catalogs, but I have never seen anything like this. Will you ever be making this for grown-up's? I think I'm a steampunker. I know you do layaways for your jewelry but will you be doing them for the doll clothes? I hope so because I'd love to get this for Christmas for my daughter. Please let me know. I love this outfit. Thank you.