Monday, April 13, 2009


I'm sure that those of you who've been following my Vintagesparkles sites for the past few years, have seen me offer categories that never showed up on the actual pages. It's now time for me to do some "Lucy, you've got some 'splainin' to do!!!!!!!!!" Plain and simple, I couldn't part with the purses, hats or vintage clothing. Each time I photographed one, I made up new excuses as to why I shouldn't sell it! The truth is: I didn't want to part with anything in my collection!

I'm passionate about my vintage purses and happily hedonistic about my fabulous hats! But, alas, the economy has come barging through my door and kicked me in the butt! Believe me, as I took pictures of my latest forage into fashion, I again got butterflies in my stomach, but because I have written about it in my blog, I'm honor-bound to follow through!

The hot, hot, hot black dress with the very sexy embroidered red lips, has always been one of my all-time favorites. The hot, hot, hot black dress with the very sexy embroidered red lips, has always been one of my all-time favorites. It has a mere four buttons between the waist and hips, one small breast pocket as well as two larger pockets located on either side, just between the hips and upper thighs. There is a soft belt made of the dress material, which I used or didn't use (depending on how fat I felt on a particular day). There are two side slits that offer the most understated "peek- a-boo" as you enter a room. The slits coupled with with the daring openness in the front of the dress make a self-confident statement. The hot lips dress is not for everyone, but perhaps it was designed with YOU in mind! Only you can be the judge. Click here to see more views of this tantalizing dress!

The amazing black hat with the hint of seductive netting and the tasteful feathers and tiny colored beads is the perfect accessory to the hot lips dress. (I'm not going into great detail with my description of the hat, because I truly don't want to sell it, although I will if it goes to the perfect home.)

When was the last time you saw a RED demi-parure for sale?????????? Well, I know the last time I saw one, I bought it! I never regretted it. It's probably the most "ooohed and aaaahed" over vintage jewelry I've ever owned.Oh, by the way, did I mention that the necklace and bracelet are signed "WEISS?" Did I also mention that Weiss is one of my all-time personal favorite jewelry designers? The clip-on earrings are a perfect match to the necklace and bracelet, and have a drop of 1 1/2 inches (unsigned, but WHO CARES?).

And now, introducing the most painful description of the day: My unbelievably gorgeous Galalith, Art Deco RED, RED, RED perfect little purse.This is an egg-shaped, almost 1 inch wide, totally impractical stunner! The body of this compact purse has the outline of white flowers as well as tiny rhinestones to enhance it's "deco-ness!" The purse opens easily and reveals a tiny powder puff and a surprisingly excellent, round mirror. End-to-end, from the silk handle (ala- shoulder bag) to the silk tassel which hides in it's midst a perfectly formed lipstick case, "little red" is 19 inches long. The actual red Galalith body is 5 inches long. I assure you that I won't be heartbroken if none of these items sells!

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