Thursday, May 7, 2009

KFC Not honoring Oprah's Coupon in FLORIDA

Oprah was kind enough to offer everyone in the US a free meal courtesy of Kentucky Fried chicken. Sounded great and after an hour of trying to download the coupon and installing a coupon printer that was not so user friendly , I was one happy camper! OFf we went ot the Springhill FLORIDA KFC only to be told they were not honoring it. Seems they got a letter from the corporate office and were told they did not have to honor it. Fortunately I had a free KFC chicken coupon that came out in our SUnday paper.

Not going away without trying this FAMOUS grilled chicken, I handed over my coupon... I got neat looking foil wrapped thigh and off I went. To preface this, I like KFC chicken. A total fan for sure! But the "grilled" chicken was not so grilled. It looked like baked chicken and it was pretty greasy. I never saw one grill mark on it and was so not impressed. Having heard that other states had trouble keeping up with the orders, I wondered what people thought of the TASTE since that was the whole idea of KFC being so generous.

I am sure that OPRAH's intent was truly thoughtful and well meaning. But I am not sure she would be so happy to see what a disaster it created when KFC was not ready for all the big "O" watchers. Never under estimate the power of Oprah!

So if you have a comment on the taste, I would love to share it to all our readers. Please feel free to comment.

ON the good side I found this article that El Pollo Loco is honoring her coupons on Mother's day! YEA!!!! Click here to read the article

NOW as for my little vintage chickadee in the photo above,
he is located here and is much prettier
when worn than eaten!

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