Friday, May 22, 2009

OH Lucrezia ... Oh no you Didn't????????? The poison ring that kept on killing.. ( Really)

Lucrezia Borgia was a beauty but she really was quite the devious enemy when she needed to be... Sometimes I think that mean gene never died and still exists (I saying this with love from past experiences with people) .. BUT, getting back to old Lucrezia .....

It seems she and her personal jeweler had a deal.... She keeps them alive and they figure out new and convenient ways to knock off her enemies with none being the wiser...And at the Royal Feast much less..

You would never catch me eating dinner with her I can assure you!


Well clever Lucrezia figured out that giving peace a chance

was not as fun as killing of your adversaries..
Thus came the relationship between the jewelry who preferred to keep his head and the woman that has been talked about for years..

OH yipeee!! celebrity gossip time!

It is "rumored" that Lucrezia was in possession of a hollow ring that she used frequently to poison drinks. According to the reports of the time the Borgia family held the secret to catarella, a deadly slow poison, which they used to strangle Rome into submission.

That is right .. RUMORED.. as in we can't prove it but a whole lot of people dropped dead when you were near... ALLEGEDLY..
And the ring sort of looked like this

I guess you could say it was a ring to die for huh?

Thus the mystery of the poison ring has been solved...
Which makes me ponder.... Why do we still have them around?

Put a little vintage sparkle back in your life

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