Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ahh the stories this locket must have to tell!!

ANtique sterling victorian pocketwatch locket 


with nouveau Goddess face on front

Imagine all the stories this antique sterling pocket watch locket could tell as it has traveled thru cities and countries during the times when romance was so alive!
The sterling pocketwatch case is hallmarked Louis Pacot which dates this in the late 1800's. The face of the pocket watch locket is brass to match the chain and the combination of these beautiful mixed metals makes this so very exotic. There are two lids on the back and a compartment that you can store special treasures where the watch used to be. The flowing hair on the raised relief nouveau woman flies free as if a wind has gently blow across her face. The pocketwatch locket measures 2" from the top of the bale to the bottom of the sterling watch case. The chain measures 28" and has fancy etchings on it. The ornate toggle closure is in the front. This is a truly whimsical treasure that could surely use an owner who can pass on its most interesting and secret history. 

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