Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Diamonds are a girls best friend Especially THESE!

 You all remember Lola our showgirl don't you? I have sold a few pieces from her estate on etsy before. Well this one was a token of gratitude from a high rolling gambler who adored our showgirl from Las Vegas. She lived in New York and traveled back and forth to her NY apt and in the midst met quite a lot of generous and unusual characters. This gentleman was an import exporter who adored her and took her to Monaco to gamble in Monte Carlo.. SHe was such good luck, he had one of the artisans in Monte Carlo make her this genuine diamond ring with the amount of millions she won him. Yes.. I said millions thus giving her this NINE diamond ring ( for nine MILLION) set in 14kt gold and silver. THe diamonds are hidden under small mountains of gold because he said she was a hidden treasure to him. ( diamonds hidden under gold.. see the connection?). Well he was quite the smoozer and she was up for the thoughtful, and a little bit gaudy gift. 

The ring has a large top setting that measures almost as large as quarter ( a tad over 1") and it has tiny silver bead work all around it ( a few are missing). The ring is between an 8 1/2 and a 9 and is completely hand wrought. Many artisans set up shop in Monte carlo because when winners win.. they want to SPEND.... So this custom ring came to being at well over a few thousand dollars which was just a drop in the bucket to what he won. IT is the thought that counts ( and the private plane there and all the fabulous hotel rooms and clothes that help as well).

Not for the insecure or faint of heart!

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