Monday, July 1, 2013

DIY ways to kill the fleas for GOOD

Ok... so I would rather be writing about jewelry and how it mesmerizes BUT I decided to talk about something that just drove me crazy...

We had fleas... NOT just fleas here and there but an outbreak that was horrendous. All because we saw a poor Mama cat who needed food. I KNOW! You mom always told you not to feed strays or they will keep coming back.. Well we did.. She was happy but our poor dogs were NOT. NOTHING worked...

We spent a small fortune with bug sprays, herbal remedies, and eventually as a last ditch effort we called a professional exterminator.

The  dogs all got upper respiratory infections...we were hacking and coughing for over a week....So much for chemicals ( which I am deadset against unless you are at the point where we were).

 A DEAR friend of ours, knowing we were down to pulling our last hairs out... got us THIS Victor Flea trap...

 ok.. it did sound a bit "hokey" but you know.. sometimes hokey works.....:)))) and it did.... the FIRST NIGHT it picked off about 100 baby demons ( I had never seen ANYTHING that small before) and a few of the parents.... By day TWO.. it was loaded.... And anyone who knows me.. I love overkill..... So I got some MORE... One in each room.... ( did I mention they also make great night lights so you don't trip over doggie treasures in the middle of the night?)

 I did like everyone else did when they had a FLEA problem.... I searched GOOGLE... and I tried EVERYTHING! The dogs were looking at me with that face that said "another concoction huh???")

 These little spaceship looking doojobbies worked like a DREAM.... The dogs quit itching.. we stopped pulling our hair out and life has settled down to a wonderful bliss. And I am going to pass it on to anyone who will listen that the $12.00 invested was the BEST investment ever....

It has been a few weeks and there are no MORE evil little creatures in our house... It even took  out a few spiders ( happy dance for us spider wary people)

This has my VOTE!

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