Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The best jewelry glue ever

When it comes to glue that holds jewelry, I have to say that E600 is the simplest and most stable glue I have ever used.

Because I am the kind of person that tries everything and believes no one until I see if for myself.

Are you  like that too? I love trying new things... Half the time they don't work though... So when I find a product I just love, I will tell everyone.

So what is so great about this glue with the strange name?

It gives you time to set your pieces together without having to worry about them being in the wrong spot and it  being permanent.

It hold well for many many years ( I have pieces that are over 15 years old and still holding strong.)

Your fingers don't stick together, it peels or washes off

No yellowing over time ( love THAT)

If you use a toothpick you can do even the smallest of places.

If you sand two metal pieces just a bit and attach them with it, it holds.

Rhinestones don't get yellow underneath and that is a real blessing!

VERY inexpensive (Takes me about a year to use a whole tube)

Dries clear ....

I once tested every glue I could get my hands on.. on an object .. It had all kinds of things stuck to it.
ten years later I found and and guess who was still holding strong?? E600!

So you can take my word for it or you can try it yourself, but take it from a jewelry repair person that has been doing this for many many moons... it works.

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