Monday, May 11, 2009

Perfume secrets that go way back

Perfume bottles aren't just lovely to look at and if you think of the history behind each bottle it would go beyond your imagination. Old bottles , pendant pomanders, modern perfume bracelets or rings, are not just beautiful containers.
and keeping those fragrances fresh is information that is a must !

Just knowing what kind of fragrance is best for your needs isn't enough, though. You should also keep in mind a few simple tricks to help your perfume go the distance.

* Apply fragrance on pulse points as well as low on the body for complete coverage that dissipates slowly throughout the day. Finish with a quick mist to the hair for light but long-lasting coverage.
* Use a moisturizer. Fragrance binds to the oils in the moisturizer to create a long-lasting effect. Just be sure to use a body lotion that matches your fragrance or go with a fragrance-free alternative that won’t compete with your preferred perfume or cologne.
* Carry a solid perfume for quick touch-ups. These are the perfect purse companion for those on the go or in need of a little fragrance refresher throughout the day. Simply dab on pulse points and you are ready to go.
* Keep fragrances tightly sealed at all times. Your fragrance will last longer if it remains “fresh.” Open perfume or cologne allows evaporation which can alter the delicate ratio of your fragrance.
* Replace regularly. Fragrance breaks down over time so plan on replacing perfume and cologne on a regular basis. Three years from the date of manufacture is the upper limit for fragrances that are unopened and stored in a cool dark place.
* Stay warm – but not hot. Body heat increases the intensity of fragrance but keep the heat to a moderate level. Sweating can wash away all but the most lingering bottom notes.
* Go with product that matches your body chemistry. Fragrance reacts differently for each person who wears it; pH, diet, skin type and other factors all impact how a specific fragrance will last. Experiment until you find something that works best for your body type.

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