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Pools of Light jewelry Why are those little glass balls worth so MUCH?

The mystery of Pools of Light” jewelry has been well kept. Jewel collectors have drooled over these pieces…. And WHY^? Oh the story is so intriguing!

Due to the opening of trade with the Orient, the introduction of gemstones, such as rock crystal quartz, jadeite, synthetic stones and black onyx became quite the fashion. And once Rock crystal (i.e.: quartz, pools of light) was found to hold spiritual powers, it took off and was used in many types of jewelry. NO.. THAT is not the intriguing part...

and WHY you say?

Because the staunch and very prim and proper Victorians were getting fashion edgy and flamboyant as they broke the molds of refined and simplistic styles. To compare the Victorian to Deco fashion transition period was to us, like the June Cleavers of the world suddenly becoming hippies who burst out in brilliant colored clothes and flowers in their hair .

Are you ready to see the Myths and Truths as well as the secret tip for identifying the “real thing”?? Well Read on.. It is quite interesting

THE Truths….

1>These mystical orbs have been around for thousands of years and because it is a sphere it can release energies equally in all directions.

2> They really are quartz.Yes.. REALLY!

3> They have an uncanny ability to absorb and reflect light

4> Undrilled are the most valuable ( prices for one necklace can be as much as 1200.00)

5> Drilled are the least valuable.. You lose the "power and energy"

6> The average person can test to see if they are real. That means YOU

7> drilled quartz will not pass the “is it genuine” test. ( ANd I will prove that theory below)

8> The Chinese believe that the energy the stone gives off will be lost if drilled ( and they may be right!)

8> Sterling wire is used to contain the orbs and keep the energy at its highest ( ans is found in MOST of these pieces

9>Quartz contains both piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties. Piezoelectric means that when a crystal is heated or compressed different electrical charges are formed at each end of the crystal, creating an electrical potential which vibrates - the latter making it pyroelectric too. ( they are in computers and watches if that helps you understand)

10> Most ancient cultures revered Quartz.

11>Ancients believed Quartz was actually water from the heavens that was frozeninto eternal ice by the gods. In fact, the word "crystal" derives from the Greekword "krystallos" meaning "ice"

12>Australian shamans believed that Quartz is a stone of light broken off from the Celestial throne.

13>The Aborigines & certain Native American tribes used the crystals toinvoke rain

14> In Australian Aboriginal mythology, Quartz is the most common substance identified with their mystical substance called "maban". Maban is said to be the material from which wise men (called karadjis) obtain their magical powers. During initiation ceremonies, maban is spiritually "inserted" into the body of the apprentice by the karadji.

15> The Australian sky god, Daramulun, was long portrayed through art and sculpture as having a mouth full of Quartz, a huge phallus, and carrying a stone axe.

16> In the creation myths of the ancient Japanese it was believed that Quartz materialized through the breath of the venerated White Dragon. As such,Quartz was regarded as the perfect jewel and came to symbolize perfection or the pursuit thereof. Quartz graced their temples and was also found throughout the temples of the ancient Chinese, Mayans, Aztecs, and many other earlier civilizations situated around the globe.

17> An ancient Celtic practice, said to restore and maintain health, was to place nine small Quartz crystals in water, boil it, cool it, and then drink the enhanced water for nine consecutive days.

18> Clear Quartz polished into spheres have long been used as crystal balls ( check out Madame Sveltlanka ) for divination purposes. It has been labeled the "Universal Crystal" due to its diversity and abundance of intense metaphysical properties.

19>It is a secondary birthstone for Libra. GO LIBRA!

20> It is said to Stimulate and energize, Give you Power Focus and meditation abilities and increases your Concentration.

21> It is used for channeling

22> Gives physical aid in treating: Convulsions; vertigo; chronic fatigue; arthritis; fibromyalgia; intestinal problems; kidney disease. Helps clear radiation. Used in diagnostic healing. Helps relieve general pain.

23>Improves strength and stamina.

24> You can bury small crystals next to any newly planted greenery for vigorous growth.

25> Quartz increases the power of anything that it is placed near

26> It is known as angel tears and teardrops of Isis.

27> Buddhists use quartz to achieve enlightenment. It opens up all chakras and is considered the ancestor of the gem world.

28> Native Americans still put quartz in every newborn baby’s cradle.( and I know because my Hubby is an Indian)

29> In the Shetlands, quartz pebbles were once said to cure sterility; they were collected by women and thrown into a pool wherein they washed their feet.

30> At holy wells in Wales, offerings of quartz stones were made, and in both Wales and Scotland charms of quartz and rock crystal were used to give the water of healing wells a magical potency.

31> Native Americans of North America used quartz long before the 'discovery' of the continent. Archeologists have found arrowheads, knives, and ornaments of quartz in various mounds (tumuli).

32> Native American shamans are said to have used quartz crystals as divining and hunting charms, believing they were inhabited by spirits who had to be fed periodically by rubbing the quartz crystals with deer's blood. Quartz crystals mounted on ceremonial wands have been unearthed in Southern California.

33> Certain Queensland, Australia, tribes regard quartz crystals as 'rainstones' and attached them to rain-sticks in the rain-making ceremonies. They search for the crystals in the mountains, pulverize them, and use the powder to simulate rain in their rain-making rites.

34> According to healing myths, Clear Quartz is essential for all Chakra healing but it is especially important in Chakras associated with mental and spiritual energies, such as the Third Eye and the Crown Chakras, where it increases mental function and opens up the Spirit to holy communication.

35> The ancient Japanese, who revered Dragons as a major part of their creation myths,believed Quartz formed from the breath of a White Dragon.

36> Followers of the New Age believe that Clear Quartz is an important tool in communication with the spiritual world. It can channel communication in dreams when placed under the head during sleep, which it achieves through a deep restful sleep state.

37> Has strong powers of protection. They believe it can use its powers of energy dissipation and transmutation to destroy or convert negative energies and evilpsychic attacks on the person.


Myths ..The so NOT true stories people tell you when they don't know for sure

( I bet you thought I would never get here did you?)

1> They are glass

2> Colored ones were commonly used in deco jewelry

3> They should be drilled

And for the finale… HOW do you

tell if it is REAL?

You Just need a newspaper… and an orb of quartz…

Set the orb on the paper… get out your reading glasses if you are as old as I am and look at the print… Real Quartz will make the type appear up side down. Glass fails miserably as well as drilled quartz .. TheReal thing is not drilled and not glass….

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