Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vintage Voodoo talisman necklace teeth claw stone and bits of creepy things

                              THis is probably one necklace you don't want to know the history of.

 Loaded with some of the creepiest things you can find, it has almost an eerie charm about it. All hand made, and bought from a very strange estate in Louisiana back in the late 1970's, this necklace one of the least bizarre pieces we got. The estate we got these from was an antebellum ( period immediately prior to the Civil War (1861-1865). ( pre civil war ) plantation house in Louisiana . I do know that the family was very prestigious and they were wealthy plantation cotton kings. Once the family dwindled off, the estate was sold at an auction we were able to attend and purchase some things from it . We got embalming equipment, funeral pieces and even devil pods. All have sold and this piece was overlooked, so here it comes. 

The necklace is some sort of black string ( lots of strands ) that holds all these bizarre charms. You can pretty much tell from the photos that these are not your average everyday charms. Between the claw looking thing and the huge tooth, you can tell that this was made to protect someone who had a lotta bad stuff coming at them. 

All the mountings are hand wrought ( not sure of the silver content, but it looks like it could be unmarked silver). It measures 26" long and the largest charm is 1 3/4" long. One of the silver bales is missing an object. This is how we got it and how we plan on letting it leave our house.

You can see it HERE

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