Saturday, October 29, 2011

A funeral for the Night Blooming Jasmine

So when you think of the normal allergies that people and animals have to flowers, you really think of sneezing and wheezing.

But I am here to tell you that when those pretty flowers bloom at night, it is like the house of horrors at our home .

The dogs KNOW what time at night  they start to give off that super sweet fragrance and that is when it all starts.

Our female golden suddenly gets wide eyed and goes into a full blown panic attack. The other dogs get antsy and seem really uncomfortable. They don't have the allergy symptoms most do, but you can tell that it is in bloom and they are miserable. Not to mention the fact that the humans are miserable with headaches from the sweet smell.

So today is the funeral for the night blooming Jasmine. We must say goodbye to it before it kills us all off...

And this is the post script from the next evening. 

For the FIRST time this year since that plant started blooming.... our dogs have slept through the night without one night terror...
The Jasmine is now far far away from our house buried deep beneath the earth. 
God Bless  that Jasmine...

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