Sunday, October 30, 2011

VintageSparkles is on Etsy

And here is one of the new items listed

Chanel Necklace Huge Primitive Egyptian Revival CORAL Goddess Collar necklace and brooch and pendant

This vintage necklace was shown on "most Eligible Dallas" ( see last photo) and one of the Tv design stars, Amber Venz said that it was a Chanel necklace . This is one amazing piece that is totally hand crafted with real turquoise and real coral. The sheer size of this is impressive ( see photo next to a ruler) , but the work that is involved in this is amazing. AND you are getting the extra pendant ( attached in the photo) and the large BROOCH TOO!!! To think NONE of this was done with a machine gives it that arts and crafts feel. 

THis measures 17 1/3" long around the neck ( n0ot counting the large pendant that is already attached) and is a whopping 2" wide. Each panel is hinged and it lays well when on. This is something you see in museums and is for high end collectors. A true show piece that will bring many compliments. As a matter of fact, a person who worked for one of the most famous museums has told us that they have never seen another like it. 

IF you are a dealer and want to make people come to your booth then this is it. 
If you are a connoisseur of art deco jewelry then this is the piece that is the ULTIMATE. Very few pieces of semi precious stones are missing is any has wonderful patina. 

Truly an exception piece that needs a GOOD HOME. The brooch is a Nepalese gold and gem encrusted Ghau of Vishnu,the four-armed Vishnu seated on the back of Garuda. The necklace has the four arms Avalokitesvhara (Chenrezig) of turquoise seated on the single lotus of Coral.

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