Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The most Amazing Reliquary Skull Cross ever!

What a fabulous antique reliquary that measures a whopping 4 1/4" long! Loaded with gothic cherubs and skull and crossbones, this has a grill work back that is hinged and raises up to hold 12 compartments for the shrine. Three victorian cherubs are on each of the three cross ends at the top and one skull and crossbones is at the bottom. On each side of the cross are two more cherubs that are on vines attached to the cross. The etched Jesus on the front is very primitive. THis weighs quite a lot (58 grams) and I added a sterling box chain that is 19" long. I have never seen such an ornate gothic antique crucifix that is also a reliquary so don't miss out on this at the last minute. It is truly the most beautiful cross I have ever seen! It is stamped sterling on the inside. 

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