Monday, October 29, 2012

The Opal is quite the mysterious stone. It is a gem of psychic awareness- believed to be  of the moon and water. It has the power to increase everything feelings. Like  a full moon that draws hidden emotions to the surface it is a  strong healing stone, said to enhance intuition, to aid in prophesy and divination, help with eyesight, and bring relaxation, to the point of total peace. The stone can be used to put the wearer in touch with his or her higher self. The Opal is a stone defying description, as it contains fire sparks, delicate colors and a full spectrum of color- varying from translucent cream to fiery black and blue with rainbow reflections. Formed from the skeletons of tiny shells and animals, Opals are very porous and are at least thirty percent water. To the Greeks and Romans, the Opal was thought to giveedirection if held between the eyes and was known as the ’stone of vision’ or ‘gem of hope’. Folklore has it that the Opal will increase in power if worn with the Lapis Lazuli and is especially helpful to those born in October. 
This large opal ring has a setting that is a quite large ( 3/4") and it is set in thick quality sterling silver. 

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