Monday, October 29, 2012

What is this Mysterious GOLD Quartz ?

In 1896 the discovery of gold along the valleys of the Yukon and Klondike rivers launched a great stampede of prospectors north to Alaska and the Yukon territory of Canada. BEing very rare and highly collectible this is one of the most fabulous pieces I have ever seen. The era of gold quartz came to an end around 1906, undoubtedly precipitated by the great San Francisco earthquake which destroyed most of the city.
Gold in quartz pieces gained popularity during the old gold rush days in California starting in 1849.Now, in 1848, they came to California to mine gold. Now, when they would mine gold, they would take it out of veins in mountains and they would take it out of the rock and purify it. But sometimes they would have a vein of quartz and there would be not enough gold to mine out, but enough gold to make jewelry, and that's called quartz-gold jewelry. I have seen a necklace and earrings appraised at $5000.00 with much less gold content and not near enough the size of gold quart. And actually, there's quite a bit of gold in here. 

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